Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Wesley Kay!!!

This post is only a few weeks late but better late than never! 


This picture describes your first year. So happy!!! You are loving life girl!  And we are loving you!


IMG_1122 IMG_1123 IMG_1130 IMG_1131 IMG_1136 IMG_1149

IMG_1154 IMG_1161 IMG_1164

We had your first birthday party at our house and you had at least 30 people come by to see you!  It reminded me of the day you were born with all of the family and friends waiting to love on you!    You are so special! 

You went to see Dr. Martin for your one year check up today.  It was not as easy as our last check up…

Here are your stats:  Height 31.5 inches, 97%!!!  (Dr Martin did not believe this and made the nurse take your height again, ha!)  Weight 20 lbs 7 oz, 32%, and last and least, Head circumference 17 inches, 5%….but you are so smart!  You are pulling up and pushing around your toys on wheels, playing patty cake, peek a boo and you can even tell us with your finger that you are one year old!  You will let go and stand for a moment, then realize what your doing, laugh and either fall back thinking we are going to catch you or fall on your bottom.  You LOVE to eat and play chase with Daddy but he is always it.  You love to dance and I’m so glad that you still love to read.  You take two naps for us (but I don’t think so at Mimi’s) and sleep 10 hours at night.  And I’m sorry Dr. Martin but we are still giving you a night time bottle.  She says we need to work on this.  After brushing your teeth, you should not take anything else by mouth:(   We will get there soon enough but for now we cannot stop loving on you during your last bottle.  Shots did not go well, as expected, and you even kicked and cried while the lab tech pricked your finger to get blood to check your iron.  Thankfully, we won’t have to do this at your 15 month check up and your iron levels are good. 

I cannot believe we have gone from thisIMG_1528  to this today photo 2

Time has flown by and we stay so busy but I try every day to soak everything in.  I pray for your health, happiness and future every day and night.  You have brought new meaning to your Mommy and Daddy’s world.  We love you to the moon and back Wesley Kay!!! Mmmwwaaa!

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