Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wesley Kay is 1 month old!

Wesley is 1 month old today!! Wow! It's all been such a blur! She has already grown so much! With Scott's scale we find she is over 10 pounds! We are loving every squeak and stretch she makes! I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures over the last couple weeks with my good friends:)

Here you are after your first bath.

Here's your good friend Madison

This is your first Valentine's Day

The paparazzi is too much ;)

Big stretch!

This is the quilt your Aunt Karen made for you.  She loves you so much!

Happy 1 month sweet baby girl!  We love you!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Wesley Kay!

This post will be extra long from all of the pictures I want to share.  I will also throw in some information that will be nice for us to review some day.  Please enjoy!  We sure are!!!

First, I would like to point out, we could not have had a better experience than our delivery at St. Vincent's Infirmary!  Our labor and delivery nurse set the precedence for our time spent in the hospital.  She was WONDERFUL!  It was like she was on team Hines!  She was so informative, genuine, comforting and very experienced! Thank you to her!  After we left L&D, we found all of our following nurses would be just as great!  I also couldn't say enough good things about the anesthesiologist and my doctor either!  We chose a pediatrician who was recommended by my sis-n-law and other friends who I think we are just as excited about!  She saw us and Wesley last Monday and guess what?!?  Wesley was already over her birth weight!  She weighed in at 8lbs 1oz.  Dr. Martin thought this was grand!  This week, we have spent much time adjusting and me recovering but so far we are all fabulous!  My hip feels much better already and I can walk with almost no pain!  God is good!!!!  We thank everyone for all of the prayers!  I believe they sure have helped us.  Now to share some pictures.....

Wesley Kay, you were born January 21, 2013 at 10:03 in the morning.  You weighed 8 lbs even and stretched 20.5 inches long.  You were just perfect!  The doctors and nurses thought so too!  Dr. Breniman did your c-section delivery and took great care of your Mommy.  So far you sleep good and eat good too!  Me, your Daddy and all of your family cannot get enough of you!  Everyone says you are so sweet!
Some of your pictures are blurry...especially the ones with your Daddy in them because he is the master photographer.  No one can catch your yawns and smiles like he can!

Here are the flowers and gifts you received while we stayed at the hospital.  There are many more of these at home!  You have no idea how many people love you!
Here are some of your favorite cousins!  CariAnne was so disappointed she didn't get to hear your lullaby when you were born.  That's right!  St. Vincent plays a lullaby over their sound system every time a new baby is born.  Problem is, it's not played right away.  Only when you leave labor and delivery and go upstairs to the ante-partum care and nursery. Your cousins were already gone when we made it upstairs.
And look at all of these good people!  That's your Nim, Papaw Gary, Poppa Wayne, Nanna, Unlce Bryan and Aunt Kelly, and your good friends Sandra, Katie and Leigh.  Sandra has made you some beautiful dresses.  I can't wait to see you in them soon!
And look at that pretty pink bow on the door!  Mommy's BFF Kelly had that sent to you at the hospital to put on your door!  Aunt Kelly was so sad she would miss your birthday, so she made sure she sent a wonderful reminder that she was thinking about you and saying prayers for you too!  Also that next picture was your first time in a car seat.  You look so little in it!  It makes Mommy and Daddy nervous!  When Daddy was driving home he would say, "I don't care how much they honk.  I'm not going over 12."  He was kind of kidding but kind of not;)

That's your first duck call!  It's pink and has your name on it.  Your Daddy thinks it's one of the best gifts you have received!
You love to sleep with your arms up!  We have lots of pictures like this!
And look who came to see you your first weekend home!  Mandy!  She thinks you're perfect too!  And Kelly drove all the way to Sheridan to see you too!!  She loves you that much!  I can't wait for you to meet her kids.  Baxley will get a big kick out of you!  These are not all of your visitors either!  We will have to upload more pictures to share later this week. 
I hope everyone enjoyed!  I have more pictures where these came from!! Can't wait to share all of our milestones to come!

Friday, February 1, 2013

1 week old today!!!

And we are doing wonderful! Had our first official outing our first check up. Don't I look sweet?

I forgot to post this from Monday.  I am working on uploading lots of pictures to share now!