Saturday, April 27, 2013

First week at Mrs. Justi’s

Well I hate to say it but I don’t think you missed me too much this week.  You love Mrs. Justi and she loves you.  You have even made a couple of new friends.  They love to get their hands on you!  Here are some pictures she sent to me while I was working.





This is Ella and Stella.  Ella is walking and you love to watch her every move.  They are learning to be sweet to baby Wesley:)

We are so thankful that you are adjusting just fine to staying with Mrs. Justi.  She thinks you are just PRECIOUS!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy birthday Harper!

Harper turned 5 years old today!  He is so sweet to Wesley and I know she is going to love following him around soon enough!  He is loving playing baseball right now and is really good too!  He also loves any kind of truck so he had a mud truck/jump party at Party Central on Saturday.  All the kids had so much fun!  Harper racked up!  Even got a real bow and arrow.  He told me it would even shoot deer! 





Monday, April 22, 2013

Wesley Kay is 3 months old!

Happy birthday baby girl! You are so much fun right now and Mommy just dreads going back to work Tuesday! I feel like we are finally getting the hang of things and I'll be away from you for so long...12 hours. Ugh! (sad face, sad face) Anyway, let's talk about how wonderful you are right now. You still love the changing table and love to laugh and talk to us from there. You are still a huge fan of the piano and you even sat in your bumbo seat for the first time this weekend. You eat at least 5 ounces every 2 1/2 hours.  And I’m so glad you love bath time.   You take your last bottle of the night at 10:30 and then sleep until about 6:00 but you stay in your crib and talk yourself back to sleep until 7:00. Yay!! Let's get to the good stuff, cute pictures of you!


Practice makes perfect!


Did someone scare you???


Yum!  You love to chew on your fists.                            





Ok guys, that’s enough with the pictures!




“Who do I look like?”



                    Maybe your Nana!

  cribsleep  sideways

This is how you start the night in your crib…and this is how you are when I get you up in the morning!



Such a big girl!  Things are certainly changing!


We love you and can’t wait for the changes in the next three months!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stretched out

This picture really shows how big you are getting!  I love it!


Playing catch-up

Wesley Kay,

You are 11 weeks old! And last week you went to see Dr. Martin.  She gave you your 2 month vaccinations.  Yikes!  But you took them better than your Mommy or Daddy!  You had no negative reactions and we are so grateful for that!  But, we have to go back in 6 weeks and do it again.  Ugh!  It’s tough growing up;)  Anyway, here are your stats: 

12lbs 3oz (72%)…yay!  

23.2in long (71%)  and your head circumference is 14.75 (9%)

Dr. Martin says you are doing great! 

Early on in your life you started napping in your crib.  Well, last night you slept all night in your crib!  Such a big girl!  You might not fair so well tonight but we’ll see.

We also had Easter since I last blogged.  You looked so sweet and were so good at church.  We went to Aunt Jane’s for lunch.  You got lots of loving there!  The Easter bunny also came to see you!  You are really going to appreciate he and Santa Claus soon!

IMG_0451 IMG_0458 IMG_0457 IMG_0455

Your Mommy also had a birthday this week!  She turned 33!  Wow!  Anyway you and her went to church and to lunch with your favorite cousins Riley and Harper.  Riley really had you talking and playing!

IMG_0462 Do you like these pretty pink shoes?  They were your Mommy’s when she was about your size.  So glad you can wear them!  Your Daddy was fishing on Mommy’s birthday, so Nana and Papaw kept you Tuesday night while Mommy and Daddy went to dinner to celebrate her belated birthday.  The company was better than dinner!  We had a good time!  Mommy got a NICE new camera for her birthday too.  She cannot wait to learn how to use it and share wonderful pictures of you!  You keep growing and we’ll update again soon!!

Love you,