Monday, October 21, 2013

Wesley Kay is 9 months old!

And again Dr. Martin says she’s perfect!  Stats: Height 28.25 in (75%), Weight 17lbs 15oz (35%), head circumference, still little 16.5 in (4.82%)…makes getting those pretty onesies on and off her head easy and without much fuss:)

It’s time to start a Sippy cup….sorry Nana!  Time is just moving too fast for her and us too!  She is continuing to get better with the small toddler foods like puffs but we’ll introduce some more table foods soon.  She got her first flu vaccine today and will get a booster in four weeks.  But we won’t see Dr. Martin again until January for one year check up. Whoa! She also told us to begin to wean her off Zantac.  We will start with taking away the morning dose for a week or so and see how she does then eventually quit the nighttime dose.  I hope this works!

She has mastered the army crawl and has pulled up on her knees a hand full of times by the baby swing or couch.   We are not rushing any of this!  Besides, Daddy says no crawling until he gets back in a week from pheasant hunting in South Dakota.  Duty calls!  She still babbles a lot and has starting fussing when me or Scott leave the room.  Otherwise, she is still very happy with all of her toys and Baby Einstein!

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cousin Lovin’

Your cousins love you so much!! Harper has been talking about coming to see your teeth all week!  Well, I don’t think he was as impressed as we were with them.  I’m guessing he expected something like this….

baby teeth

That’s not Wesley but it looks a lot like her yes!

Nonetheless, Harper and Riley got to feed you when they came over to watch the game Saturday.  I think they really enjoyed it!




This is my favorite!! Look at them helping you! Say ahhhh!

Reagan and Madison came over too.  We all tried to call those silly Razorbacks to a win…didn’t work.  But it sure was a fun time!


I’m telling ya, ya’ll sure are growing!!!

Ta da!!

It only took 8 months and 3 days but you have two teeth now!  They came through on a Monday.  I know, because it was my day off.  I could tell something was not settling well with you that morning.  You wanted me to hold you all day and basically that’s what we did.  And two at a time!  You go girl!  We finally got a decent picture of them.  You have to look hard but they are there I promise!


Look at that big smile you sweet thing!


Again, I can’t get enough of you!!!