Monday, December 30, 2013

A Very Merry 1st Christmas

It will be very difficult to put into words how great this Christmas has been!  So I will tell our Christmas events through pictures.  But first lets talk about that front tooth you got for Christmas…that’s right!  You literally got your two front teeth for Christmas.  One of them broke through Christmas night and the other made an appearance last night.  It has to be so painful!  You cry and it’s hard for Mom and Dad to console you.  Orajel has kind of been a life saver.  These two front teeth bring in a total of 4 teeth for you!  Bless your heart!

We usually begin our Christmas events with shopping for angels. Nana and Papaw, me, you and Daddy all do our own shopping and really have a great system down. We each get an angel and this year we got all girls.  You did a great job shopping and will one day understand the importance of giving as part of the Christmas spirit.  I wish I snapped your picture in the cart but I forgot.  Will plan to do that next year.

Our first Christmas gathering was at Auntie Karen and Uncle JK’s house for the Goins Christmas.  We decorated small cakes to celebrate JK, Jase, Ian and even baby Jesus’ birthday.  We then had a delicious meal and opened gifts. 

Goins Christmas 2013  

Goins Christmas2 2013

Wesley, Auntie and Uncle JK gave you a very special baby…a Bitty Baby.  And she looks a lot like you with her blonde hair and blue eyes.  I think you are going to love playing with baby dolls!

Next, we did Christmas with Nana, Papaw and Nim.  “Let the spoiling continue!”

IMG_0999 IMG_1002 IMG_1001

And then we went to Riley and Harper’s for the Gillis Christmas at their house.  We had lots of great food and more gifts!

IMG_1011 IMG_1013 IMG_1016

IMG_1023 IMG_1026

And guess what?!?!  Santa came to see you!  You must have been a really good baby this year:)

Christmas morning 2013 Santa came 2013

You acted a little shy about it all first but then you figured it out!

And as if there was any question….you look like your Daddy.  We took your picture in his pj’s from over 30 years ago.

Daddyspjs2013  I love this and wish I had a copy of his pictures to really compare.  We’ll work on that.

We last had the Hines, Shirron and Herbie Christmas.  It’s always a good time!  You have a big time with Reagan and Madison.


Merry Christmas sweet baby!  Now we can’t wait to see your reaction to Christmas next year!  This year you pretty much left the tree alone and seemed to love Santa.  We’ll see about all of that next year!

IMG_0888 IMG_0904 IMG_0896

IMG_0909 IMG_0951 IMG_1100

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Whew November!

We had a big November!  Allow me to share some video’s.


We took some flowers to Non’s grave for her birthday on the 1st.  Wesley was waving up a storm that day so I decided to take her video with the new fall flowers.  Isn’t she the best!  I know Mom would agree!

This next video takes the cake!  We put up our brand new Christmas tree on Tuesday Nov. 26.  I was excited to see it and have it decorated for us to enjoy for several weeks.  Wesley must have been excited about it too because she started crawling the night we put it up!  Just over 10 months old.  Perfect timing baby!

I love how she gets her foot up there!  It’s like she was ready to take off running.  Slow down baby girl!  We want to enjoy every little step you take…for a long, long time!

PS Excuse the “My first Boo”  bib…It is November.  Like I said, enjoying everything for longer:)

I’m going to be really disappointed if these videos won’t open when I post this!  Maybe you can watch them if you click on YouTube in the bottom right corner of video box?????

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!

It was one year ago today that I wrote and posted my first blog entry.  One year.  Whoa.  I enjoy looking through our pictures often and writing about them so hopefully one day Wesley will appreciate it too!  Let’s review what we’re thankful for every day…

How about these two??

photo 2 photo 3

Even though they only take silly pictures!

And Nim


And Papaw Gary because he reads to you…


And Cousin Paige because she lets you have a whole roll and then water from a “big girl” glass…

photo 4 photo 5

And then lets you rest here…

photo 6

That tickled us all so much! I think Paige really enjoyed you giving her so much attention!

How about being so very thankful for our new home and hosting our very first Thanksgiving dinner there!  I asked Nana, “when did we grow up????”

IMG_0854 IMG_0856 IMG_0860

IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0865

IMG_0840 IMG_0849 IMG_0862

We love our times with family and friends!  And we count those blessings as being some of the most special!  We cannot wait for Christmas memories coming soon!  Until then, thank you for all of your love and hope you enjoy many more posts from us!


The Hines's

P.S.  I googled that punctuation but I’m not sure I got the correct answer.  The way I understand it is, if trying to show ownership use -s’ otherwise use –es…neither look right to me so I went with -‘s.  Mom would probably know the correct form.  Dad gummit!

P.S.S.  I’m pretty sure that’s not a word or even spelled correct…ha!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wesley Kay is 10 months old!!!

Only one more of these until you are one year old!  Pick me up off the floor now!  I cannot believe you will be one soon….

Let’s talk about what’s going on now.  You are still a great sleeper, sleeping about 10 hours per night.  Naps are still inconsistent but you have two of them now and go down for them pretty easy. You take four bottles per day with about 28 total ounces.  You eat your baby food well but fuss a lot to feed yourself.  Such a big girl!  You wave bye bye and hi.  And it’s so funny for me and Mrs. Shirley when you start to wave bye bye as soon as I pick you up when I get to her house.  You love to read and especially love My Little Pumpkin that Riley and Harper gave you for Halloween.  It has a “peek a boo” storyline.  You also still love all the Baby Einstein movies.  And you are still not doing the traditional crawl but seem just happy doing the army crawl all over.  You are working on pulling up and are very good at pulling up on everything to your knees.  Still love your sweet potatoes and bananas!  You bring us joy every single day and we do not know what we did before you came along.  Nothing as worthwhile as this!  We love you very much and cannot wait to see your happy face at Christmastime!

IMG_0794  IMG_0800

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Daddy got him a deer too!

Get use to taking pictures with Daddy’s big deer because he’s pretty good at hunting them!  I know he enjoys it but he really looks forward to you in the stand with him one day.  I hope you’re ready in a few years!  Hunting for him will never be the same! 

IMG_0770 IMG_0768

You will look so good in blazing orange;)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Riley Morgan!!

Riley got her first deer!  We are all excited!  She couldn’t wait to show off her picture at school.  Scott was really proud of her and was bragging about how big the doe was!  You go girl!  Harper is now ‘chomping at the bits’ even more to be old enough to shoot one himself.  Let ‘em walk this year Harper…then bring ‘em down next year!  Just don’t pet all over them!  We found out he is very allergic to deer.  How strange?!?!

photo Riley and Harper with deer

And here is a picture of our future deer slayer…


Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 2013 fun

October was so busy for us!  We had a great time dressing you in your pumpkin outfits and especially your cupcake!  Just thought I would share several pictures from the month.  Enjoy!

IMG_0018 IMG_0026

IMG_0027 Mom and Dad’s third anniversary!

IMG_0036 Early race for the cure day!

IMG_0034 Pink out Friday before Race day

IMG_0029 IMG_0013 IMG_0088 IMG_0071

IMG_0074 IMG_0106 First hayride and Pumpkin Patch experience!

IMG_0100 Nana’s monthly birthday gift!

IMG_0107 Medalists at the race!  How awesome?!?!

IMG_0166 IMG_0702 Harper and Riley love you so much!

And last some first Halloween pictures…

IMG_0761 IMG_0762

IMG_0729 IMG_0732

Cutest cupcake in the bakery!

IMG_0132 IMG_0134 Some of your favorite cousins!

IMG_0104 Too funny!

IMG_0118 All tuckered out from the fun festivities!