Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day weekend 2013

We had a blast!  All of us!  Even you, Wesley!  You had many firsts that weekend.  Let’s go ahead and talk about them. Ok? 

We loaded up Friday, after Daddy finished his work on the new house and headed West to Nana and Papaw’s lake house at Lake Ouachita.  You were so excited to see your friends Reagan and Madison!  After having dinner with them, we went to bed to rest up for a big Saturday.  You slept all night in your pack-n-play for the first time and did just as well as your comfortable crib. 

You wore your first swimsuit and looked like a precious baby girl in it!  We didn’t bring our boat with us (although that’s the only thing that we did not bring) because we don’t think you are ready to water ski;)  Just kidding!  We really like Nana and Papaw’s boat because it is all shaded and just our speed!  Your first boat ride was eye opening for you and you just looked around with those big blue eyes the entire trip to find our friends.  I do think it made you a little drowsy though because you fell asleep before we found them all.  You dipped your toes in the water for the first time and seemed to enjoy it despite how bitter cold it was.  We stayed out a few hours before heading back for another great dinner with the Shirron’s.  While the boys were busy cooking dinner and using the sink, Mommy and Nana gave you a bath in the next best thing to the sink…a big green tub.  Daddy got some great pictures of this! On Sunday we woke up and did the same thing again.  Mommy could really get used to the lake “schedule.”   We had a fish fry Sunday night and Aunt Lauren and Uncle Chris stayed to eat with us.  We hope they come back and bring Campbell and Presley.  Monday we had a delicious late breakfast before packing everything.  You slept for two hours on the trip home.  Those lake trips will do that to you baby:)

Oh!  How could I almost forget?!?! You seemed to have really found your voice Monday.  If only I knew how to upload a video.  I could not believe what was coming out of your little body!  So loud and for so long!  You had your Poppa Wayne tickled!  We could barely talk over it all!  I’ll figure that out soon and post some videos.











hot pink memorial day 2013

peek a boo



Silly Daddy!  Your life jacket won’t fit him!

tuckered out

Such a sweet face!

Riley and Harper are getting too big!

Wesley, your cousins have finished their school year and are starting summer break. One day, you will understand the importance of summer break. I can't believe this guy here has finished preschool!

He went to Southwest Christian Academy and made some great friends who I'm sure he will miss next year. He will be able to make so many more friends next year though! He's going to start kindergarten at East End Elementary with his big sister Riley, who just finished the third grade. Do what?!?! I know! They need to slow it down! Riley received 6 awards. All A's, Outstanding Student, Perfect attendance, The Fitness Award, and the Bug will have to ask her about that last one because neither I nor her parents are sure what it is.

We are so proud of both of them!! And we can't wait to see all of their upcoming accomplishments in the next several years!  We love you Riley Morgan and Harper Allen!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wesley Kay is 4 months old!

Wow!  Time flies when your having fun!  And we certainly are!  We have really been touching up on our baby talk around here.  I think Wesley is loving it too!  You still love your piano play mat and swing but one of your new favorite things is the Baby Einstein video.  You love to watch and chew on Sophie the giraffe.  You are still a great sleeper and take 6 bottles with 7oz of formula/day.  You’re wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.  I am loving all the summer clothes!  And we will go to the lake this weekend for the first time with you and maybe try out one of your new swimsuits.  It might be a little too cold to get in the water but I bet you get to ride on Papaw Gary’s boat.

We saw Dr. Martin last week on Monday for your check-up.  She said everything about you is great!  Here are your stats…Your height is 25in (84.22%), your weight is 14lbs 3oz (71.47%), and your little head circumference is 15.25in (5.81%).  I’m so proud of you:)  You got your shots again and will have to go back again in 5 more weeks to check up and get the shots one more time.  The shots are no fun for you or Mommy and Daddy but I’m so grateful you haven’t had any reaction to them.  You just have a really good cry and then settle down and take a good nap. 

We went to see Kelly, Sam, Baxley and Sawyer this weekend.  You’ve never been in the car seat for longer than the drive to LR.  So, this was a big deal for you and me.  It takes a little over 2 hours to get there and we only pulled over 5 times on the way there:)  The trip home was much better…0 stops!  The kids were really fascinated with you!  And they really want you to come back. 




Bax and Wes

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Added picture to my last post

Jake Owen baby 2

You have to look close but there is a baby in this picture. Can’t believe I focused more on the baby than the show!

What a great weekend!

Saturday we went to Campbell and Presley’s birthday party.  Campbell’s theme was Thomas the Train and Presley’s was fairies.  Both were so cute!  I hope I can be crafty and throw Wesley cute parties soon!  I also hope we are in our new house by her first birthday….sigh!  Anyway, me and Scott left the party early and met up with Bryan and Kelly.  We saw Jason Aldean and Jake Owen in concert.  I think the opening act, Jake Owen, was best. But it might have something to do with his 6 month old baby dancing in the carrier her mommy was wearing.  It was the cutest thing!  She had pink head phones protecting her little ears but she was so content swaying to the music with her mom.  After Jake finished he came down off the stage and bent over to give her a sweet kiss.  Her name is Olive Pearl.  She and Wesley should be friends!  Is it sad that the only picture I took from the concert was of a baby???

Sunday was my first Mother’s Day as a mom.  It was bittersweet and wonderful all at the same time.  I had the very best mother in the world and I miss her everyday!  She would have been so in love with Wesley!  The day began with sweet snuggle time in bed with the smiling princess.  She was smiling ear to ear! Adorable.  Then my #1 husband cooked a delicious breakfast before church.  So great that I skipped lunch.  We got to see Mandy at FUMC and then Bryan and Kelly after church.  Lots of hugs and kisses for Wesley!  The two things I really wanted for Mother’s Day were a nap and a run.  I got both!  Me and Wesley took a nap together and then I went for a late afternoon run that was not quite as enjoyable but I’m getting there.  This was the third time to run in…well, a long time!  Zoe’s birthday was May 9th.  So we celebrated her birthday and Mother’s Day together with a fish fry at the house.  Again, many hugs and kisses for Wesley Kay!  This Mother’s Day turned out to be everything I could ever want!  I have the best family!  And the very best baby!!!!

I leave you with pictures from the weekend of this special baby…