Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vacation 2014

Where do I begin?? Our summer vacation was so great I feel anxious about putting it into words! I know it won't be nearly as great to read about but never fear! I have plenty of pictures to back me 522 of them:)
First let me just say Wesley turned 17 months old the day we came back.  So this was the first airplane trip for her and she couldn't have been better. I know adults who aren't as cool about flights as she was! We had several distractions for her though. Thank you Nana! 
We flew to Tampa and drove an hour or so to Anna Maria Island. Look at those beaches!  Beautiful.

Here was Wesley's first sight of the beach. She thought it was nice but she was ready to go on about her business soon after taking it all in.

Here is what you do when you are almost 17 months old at Anna Maria Island. Eat, go to the beach, eat, nap, snack, swim, eat, have ice cream, sleep and then repeat. Everyday. Not bad huh? 


And you have to get a game of peek-a-boo in too.
All the boys went Tarpon fishing with guides for two days. Scott and Gary had a successful fishing day 2. Scott fought a fish for over two hours that Gary "hung." (I'm using my extensive fishing terminology there.)  Anyway...did you catch that?!?! Two hours! Ugg! I would be one limp noodle. He hung in there though. He had blisters on his hands and made us all proud:)



Side note, while the boys were sweating and rocking away in fishing boats on the Gulf of Mexico, me and Helen found an outlet mall about 50 minutes away where everything was 50% off. All I needed was more room in my bag to get everything I wanted home!

Ron, Krista and his girls Ella Jane and Juliette came down to spend a day with us. They live just across the bay at St. Pete. The girls are so cute and full of energy! I'm so glad we got to see them all while we were there! 
These girls stayed pretty busy playing in the sand.   And speaking of sand...this is what it tastes like!
My thoughts about it too!  But Wesley had to try it twice just to be sure.
 Also, what is a good vacation without some loving from Nana?!?!
These girls made the vacation extra fun too!  We can't wait for more vacations with Madison and Reagan!  Madison says we are going back to Anna Maria next year.

Thank you Nana and Papaw for such a great trip!  We are looking forward to the rest of the summer now!