Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Riley!

Riley's birthday was Tuesday. I cannot believe she is 9 years old!! She had a swim party and invited her softball team. They are really good ball players and have their state tournament this weekend! Good luck Lunachicks! And Happy Birthday Riley! We love you!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday and Father's Day Scott

We should celebrate Father's Day more often! Wesley, you have a great father! And you are his best birthday present ever! I can't wait for you to go fishing and hunting with him one day. He loves you and me so much! We need to tell him thank you everyday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend re-cap

Well we did it again!  We had another fun-filled and busy weekend.  First of all let’s talk about how wonderful you are.  We asked ourselves all weekend, “how did we get so lucky?”  You have always been a good sleeper but this weekend you went above and beyond.  Usually we run in your room a few times during the night to check on you, give you your paci and pat your tummy.  Over the last three nights I think we did it a total of two times.  And when you wake in the morning you enjoy talking to yourself until it’s time to get up….or until we bring you to lay and play in our bed:)

Saturday morning we went and rode around on Poppa Wayne’s golf cart to watch some of the golfers playing in the “Jack.”  Your Uncle Bryan and Poppa played that afternoon but I thought you might enjoy riding in the golf cart before.  You loved it and never made a peep while we watched a few holes…although we kept our distance just in case!  One of these days you will be begging to drive the cart and I feel sure Poppa Wayne will let you.  When we left there we went to pick up burgers for Daddy and Papaw Gary.  They were working at the new house.  It sure is coming along but not soon enough!  Your Nana kept you for a little while so Mommy could get a much needed pedicure.  That afternoon we watched Riley and Harper swim.  Riley has a front flip off the diving board she was excited to show us!

Sunday was a very special day!  You were baptized by Brother John Fleming at First United Methodist Church.  And you did perfect!  Here’s a list of some of your family who came:    Aunt Karen, Uncle J.K., Aunt Lauren, Uncle Chris, Presley, Campbell, Aunt Jane, Uncle Ronnie, Joy and Phil, Uncle Bryan, Aunt Kelly, Riley and Harper, Nim, and of course Poppa Wayne, Papaw Gary and Nana.  And did you know that Mandy flew in from Dallas to see it?  She brought Justin with her.  She also sent some beautiful dresses from her showroom to pick for the baptism.  We had a difficult time picking one.  Although we did finally decide on a sweet one with a beautiful cross on the collar.  After we put it on, you fussed and fussed.  I think it was a little tight around the neck and the arms were definitely too tight.  But it was time for a bottle too, so maybe that was the problem.  We changed to a more comfortable choice but it was just as beautiful!  Your pink shoes matched the small rosettes on the trim of the dress!

You didn’t even flinch when Brother John put the water on your head.  Your family and the church family promised to pray for you and Mommy and Daddy promised to raise you in a Christian home.  You are so lucky to have so many people to pray for you!  We are surrounded by many solid Christian families as well.  We thank God for all of them in our prayers at night.  The choir sang “Child of Blessing, Child of Promise.”  As usual, it was beautiful!  When it was all over with, so many nice people complimented on how good you were.  After the service Brother John and his sweet family joined us all for lunch at Cotija’s.  Nana Zoe gave you an ornament with your teeny tiny foot print and birth date engraved in it.  I love it and can’t wait to show it to you when you can understand that your foot was once that little!  And I leave you with some pictures from the weekend.

Miss Hollywood






P.S.  I’m posting this one week late.  This was the weekend of June 8th and 9th.  And on a side note, your Uncle Bryan and Poppa Wayne did really well in “The Jack” for a couple of old pro’s….maybe you will take golf lessons from them one day:)