Thursday, August 25, 2016

Destin Vacation 2016 Part 3

Final chapter here...

Date night! Louisiana Lagniappe..yum!

Isn't this the life?!?!?

We all enjoyed Elmo's for dinner and Wesley Kay really enjoyed the shrimp and crab legs! We have proof with pictures in case she decides she doesn't like seafood one day!

This was our last day. Snow cones for the win! The red flag flew as well on this day. That meant HUGE waves! We had to beg Wesley to come out of the water for us to get a break. She loved it..of course she did! We jumped her over every wave! And her Daddy rocked the boogie board this day as well. There is go-pro footage somewhere of that action.

Our house had this fancy pool right on the balcony. It was a great size for our little ones! They had a ball! Can you tell???

And last but not least! The girls enjoyed two nights of crab hunting. I've never been crab hunting until this beach trip. It was fun but Wesley Kay wanted nothing to do with handling the little things. Can't blame her! Her Daddy can now add crab to his list of hunting game!

Oh the joys of coming home from vacation and finding this in your back yard! This girl has got it made! She is really enjoying her new swing set from Nana and Papaw!
We really enjoyed our time together at the beach! We love making these great memories! Thank you so much Nana and Papaw!!!
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Destin Vacation 2016 Part 2


Little Miss enjoyed her 5 month birthday on the beach!

This face explains how much we all enjoyed LuLu's for dinner the next night. They had the best set up for kids!

Sand critters and castles with Nana.

The jelly fish kept us from enjoying crab island from the pontoon we rented. That was a bummer! But we enjoyed ice cream from a boat vendor and toured the harbor by boat. The girls and Zoe also made a great collection of hermit crabs from the harbor beach. And then more sand!

More matching pj's and now hats

This day was perfect for the local aquarium. It was rainy so we took an adventure and enjoyed the sea lion show and dolphin show as well!

Our sweet water baby!
To be continued...

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Destin Vacation 2016 Part 1

Let's throw it back a few weeks to our Hines Shirron family vacation in Destin. We had a wonderful trip! We had a great house on the beach and great weather too! Having difficulty posting this and I'm thinking it's the huge amount of pictures I'm sharing that's the I'm making three posts. Part 1 goes like this...

We had to get our priorities in order before we could leave though. Wesley Kay visited the nail salon for the first time and after some warming up to the idea, she gladly sat like a big girl in the Hello Kitty chair.

Papaw rented a suburban for us to drive and it clearly wasn't big enough for us. We made it work!

I think the water was just perfect here!

Our first full day was full of sun, sand and swimming..a lot like every other day!

And then our second day we fed some fish, wore matching pj's, ate ice cream and enjoyed AJ's and the Destin Harbor.

More sand pies and a little kite flying.

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