Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Fun 2014

Looking back at last year and this year, October is turning out to be one of the most eventful months for us. Eventful as in, so many fun things lined up!
First there was race for the cure. Always a good time! 

And then there was Timberfest. Look at you and your cousins! We can understand the true size of this truck with you three in the picture.

And then Mom and Dad went to San Antonio for a pre-anniversary celebration and bday party for Lauren.

How about a little home cooked 'hibachi' for our true 4 year anniversary dinner? Dad made some of our favorites! 

This Razorback game was a real bummer! We played Georgia. Well, I use the term 'played' loosely. We just haven't gotten it together yet....but we will!

We picked flowers from the landscaping. See it there beside you?

Me, you and Nana had a good time while Daddy was in South Dakota. He went pheasant hunting again. They had a great time but he was so happy to see you after being gone.

You still love apples....

And the pumpkin patch! Oh my do you love the pumpkin patch?!?! I love the pumpkin patch! There is so much for your 21 month old self to do. Petting zoo, pig races, hay ride, hay maze, and of course pick out the perfect pumpkin.

That you decorated with these cute stickers...because you love stickers right now too!  And then there was this!

The choo choo train at the ZOO! Yep, you made your first trip to the zoo! Huge fan! This pic does not say so but you were just overwhelmed at first.

Here is a good picture of you hugging the animal behind the fence.  You wanted to hug all of the animals...even the bears!

I love this expression when you snagged a "fish."
You and Nana tried really hard at the cake walk.  You didn't win anything this year but I'm positive you will in the future!


Look at this zombie sneaking up on you at Sue and Aunt Jane's Halloween party!

You are becoming quite the animal lover. There you were getting love from a stray cat. It was a pretty stray.

Look at these cute bumble bees buzzing around the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

And we can't forget the carival at First Baptist Church!  You had a blast!  Especially on the tilt-a-whirl bears.

So long October!  Hello November!