Friday, September 27, 2013

Wesley Kay is 8 months old!

Whoa! Slow down would ya?!?! Time is still flying and we are having so much fun! Still no teeth but they have to be somewhere in there! I'm not rushing it because before we know it she will have a mouth full of teeth and then probably braces like her mother had:#
Wesley Kay is still wearing clothes true to her age and loving every minute she has to watch Baby Einstein! She tried puffs and yogurt bites for her bday celebration. And she ate them like a pro! However, today she preferred to eat them off the table with her mouth. Where did that come from??? Maybe she's been watching Mrs. Shirley's (AKA Mimi's) puppies eat too much??? Nonetheless, I got a big laugh out of it! She still takes 4-5 bottles/day with an average 6 oz of formula in each bottle and maybe 4 jars of baby food. She'll eat almost anything except she could care less for the chicken dishes. Can't say I blame her! They not only taste bland but they smell funny too! She still repeats Dada over and over but I love her anyway;). I am loving our evening times, where we can sit on the couch with her playing in the floor and scooting/rolling around in our play area/living room. She's not quite crawling yet but has the 'wounded soldier' thing down. I love the 8:30 bottle time! She usually falls asleep while taking it and just melts into my arms with a little snore that sneaks quietly from her sweet little nose. I hope you can see that we just can't get enough of our precious 8 month old!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Little Hog Fan

We enjoyed taking Wesley to her first Razorback football game! Thank you David and Beverly for sharing your suite with us! Sure makes taking a nearly 8 month old to a football game easy!!! And even though we skipped tailgating, I think Wesley really enjoyed herself!
We left early Friday and toured Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville. It is a very nice attraction for Northwest Arkansas. We needed more time because I'm certain we missed a few things. Maybe we should plan to return. Although I'm not sure Wesley will be as patient with us next year!
Dinner Friday night was an all around success. Mister B's in Bentonville has an excellent filet! Our dinner party had so many good compliments for Wesley too! I hope her restaurant behavior stays this good for many years to come!
While I didn't watch much of the game, I'm sure I didn't miss too much...our Hogs have a long road ahead of them if they continue to play the way I understand they did Saturday. Wesley will learn in time, it's tough to be a Razorback fan! But nonetheless, I bet she will appreciate a good hog call:)