Monday, April 20, 2015

Christmas 2014......
You read that right!  Why not??? Nothing wrong with a little reminiscing!  Christmas in er....April and May!  I got real busy in November when Dad had his accident and things haven't slowed down much.  Dad is good and now I'm playing catch up.  Hope you all enjoy!  Wesley had a wonderful Christmas!
I could make this a Christmas fashion post!  I loved all of your Christmas attire this year!
Here are some pictures from visiting Poppa at rehab. 
After a nap shot...still loving our paci at bedtime and naptime


One of my favorite outfits from Nana

Second visit with Santa for the year...and still not BFF's

I love Christmas PJ's and bed head!

Poppa Wayne gave you a trampoline that you, Harper and Riley enjoyed

Going shopping with Elmo

Here is a picture from our visit with sweet Emily and Mandy

One of many alligator Christmas pics.  We love these sweet cousins!

Enjoying the table and chairs from Santa Christmas morning.

The next several pictures are from the Hines, Herbie and Shirron Christmas.  Such a fun time!

Your biggest present as of yet!

Again with the alligator

And again

Love the Reindeer horns from Herbie!
Handsome Harper!

Gillis Christmas


Helping Papaw with his big gift

Christmas morning

The sweetest Christmas morning face ever

Breakfast at Aunt Jane and Uncle Ronnie's

Finally a family picture without the alligator

Playing peek-a-boo with Presley at the Goins Christmas party


And guess what?!?! On the gator again!

Birthday party for Jesus

Such a great tradition!
My very favorite Christmas picture!  Thank you Nana!

Enjoying tea and cookies without Santa....

Not making friends with Santa....maybe next year!