Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Space Station

Call us space geeks or whatever but it was pretty cool watching the International Space Station fly over Monday night. Me and Scott thought for sure that we had spotted it. Zoe kept saying no. When you see it you will know that's it. And sure enough as soon as we could see it we just knew. It's very cool to think there are people living up there and just traveling around in space and here I am sitting at work blogging about how cool that must be! Wesley, I want you to dream big but please stay in this galaxy😊

Monday, October 13, 2014

San Antonio

We decided to take a 30th birthday trip with Lauren...she's four year's younger than me.  Yikes!  Nevertheless, happy birthday Lauren! We had a great time and good weather too!  We don't like going anywhere without Wesley but this was adults only and Wesley got a lot of quality time with Nana, Papaw and Nim.  Trust me!  She did not miss out! 
We enjoyed many things about our trip!  I especially enjoyed dinner at the Tower of the America's.  The restaurant sits just below the observation deck and rotates 360 degrees in two hours.  You really get a great view of San Antonio as well as a nice sunset view.  The dinner was delicious and the company was even better!  We can't wait to plan another weekend getaway! 


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This was Wesley's second year to participate in Little Rock's Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. She was a little more active this year and I think it was all somewhat eye opening for her.  There is ALOT that goes on and alot to see at the race! I run in the competitive race and finished 64th this year! My goal was top 100. I finished in 25:15 and was very pleased with this!  And both shoes came untied...whatever, rookie mistake;) Wesley, Nana, Papaw, Joy, Madison and Regan supported our cause in the 2K. They did awesome!  Then we were able to watch Nana in the survivors parade. It is my favorite part of the day!
All three girls, pretty in pink!
I love our annual group picture by the giant pink ribbon!
Kissing my medal! One day I think you will get your very own medal.
The elite three amigos!  All with medals!
Ring around the Rosie!

Maybe the three of you will be "elite" runners one day!

Isn't this the best?!?! We love Nana and Non!!

Those 2K's will get ya if you're not careful!

This was before the race in 2013....sweet memories!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Already?!?! Yup. It's time to start gearing up for deer season. Wesley, your Daddy has been geared up for a few weeks now.  He wouldn't think so but he has. We have been feeding the deer in our back yard for several weeks.  And one of the cutest things is to see your reaction when you actually spot them.  Here you are one morning this week.

We think it's so cute that you tell them hi. You actually say "hey durr!" 

And look!

Daddy gave you some binoculars to check them out. Gotta be sure they pass all rules and regulations to be a "shooter."  You will understand this statement more in due time.
We love that it's October and all things that come with the fall season! Can't wait for the upcoming holidays!!